Type: Hand-made card

Author: Jason

Date: Unknown, assume early February 1992

Artwork included: xerox of sketchbook

I’m listening to Lucinda Williams as I work on this post.  There is another singer in my head that I just can’t name, and I thought listening to Lucinda would help me recall her name. So far, no such luck.

But as I dig through the stack of letters from Jason, Lucinda is singing “I just wanted to see you so bad,” and I come across the Valentine card Jason sent me. I think there ought to be a letter that goes with it, but right now I can’t find it. Doesn’t matter, the card was just everything for me.

I believe the card, a regular sized piece of paper, folded in quarters, is a xerox of a page from his sketch pad. He has written on it, in blue ink: “Thomas,” and “without you- my heart is blue.” This list of words, tumble down across the white space, falling all over each other, as ifd they too are just head over heels. They are a poem, a prayer, a celebration and a thoughtful explosion of emotion.

I’ve moved on to listen to Patti Smith, although that isn’t helping in my memory recall efforts either. Patti is singing, “because the night belongs to us…” Maybe every music choice will connect me to that moment of opening this valentine card.

Do you see the pinkish text on the outsaide of the card? Maybe someone with better eyes or brainpower than I could decipher it. I think it looks like marker color that bleed throughg or rubbed off. Maybe that will help me locate any letter that was with the card?



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