Month: November 2015

Bathhouse Series

This body of work was created after an invitation from the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh to go in and document the space that would later be gutted and become their 937 gallery. The space had previously been a gay bathhouse. As I made my way through the space, collecting pictures on film, it prompted memories […]

Epistles for an Era of HIV/AIDS

This installation was the second piece I did utilizing a Bible as source material. In this installation, pages of a bible were removed (ripped from the book), whitewashed over the original text, and a person living with AIDS then wrote their own epistle over the pages. The removal of the pages from the book was […]

Touch My Art: Genesis (2015)

Installation of silk sceen prints on Braile pages, 32″ x 32″ NFS: In a private collection

Believeth in him.

The wortk that cumulatively is “Believeth in him” was part of two installations, arranged differently in each exhibition. The body of work was first created for an exhibition called “Gnosis” at the Dadia Gallery, Washington DC, and then displayed within “Believeth in him” at the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh 937 Gallery

Baby Doll Series

Digital Photographs,¬†limited edition of 10 prints, numbered and signed on the back. 24″ x 36″ ¬†$500 unframed

Condom Series