Digital and Printing Services

Printing Services Offered:

  • Fine Art Giclée Prints
  • Presentati Prints
  • Transparencies for Screen Printing
  • Duratrans Prints/signage
  • Retouching and Restoration

Note: All digital files must be compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC

Fine Art Giclée Prints

Up to 24” wide prints on fine art paper or canvas with museum-quality ink from your digital file.

What is a Giclée print? This is a good article which explains the difference between Giclée and digital prints. I offer both, bur recommend Giclée prints for all artwork reproductions or archival photographic images.

Giclée Paper choices: 

  • Epson Exhibition Satin Canvas (acid free cotton poly blend, satin finish suitable for stretching)
  • Epson Hot Press Bright (smooth matte 100% cotton fiber fine art paper)
  • Hahnemühle matte papers may be available by request. I do not always have this paper in stock so order size and timing may affect availability.

Minimum paper size: 8.5” x 11” (.65 sq ft)

Single print pricing: 

Canvas    $16.00/sq ft

HotPress  $15.00/sq ft

Hahnemühle  $25/sq ft

Prints are made to look as close to the color and density as the digital file presented. Price does not include color correction or other digital manipulation.

25% discount for 2 or more prints of the same image (same size and paper)

Giclée Printing with proofs:

To achieve the best color match, I offer proof prints and make adjustments based on your feedback. I offer prices which include either 1 or 2 proof prints. I’ll make a proof, provide it to a customer, and then based on feedback, am able to lighten/darken or adjust the color. The price includes the proof(s) as well as the finished print. For example, for a 2 proof print, you would actually receive 3 prints- the 2 proofs as well as the final print.

Printing with Proof pricing:

1 proof +final print

  • Canvas $22/sq ft
  • HotPress  $20/sq ft

2 proofs +final print

  • Canvas $28.00/sq ft
  • HotPress  $24.00/sq ft

Color correction, retouching and other digital manipulation available at additional costs.

Presentation Color and Greyscale Prints/Digital Prints

Paper choices: 

  • Epson Double Weight Presentation Paper
  • Epson Single Weight Presentation Paper
  • Up to 24”  wide any length: $2.00/sq ft
  • Up to 13” x 19” (requires a 1/2” border) $ 1.00/ ea (currently single weight presentation only)

Screen Print Transparency  Prices

8.5” x 11” transparencies  $2.00 ea

13” x 19” transparencies  $4.00 ea

Roll film- Any width up to 24”  $8.00/sq ft

Duratrans BackLit Media

Translucent, full-color poster prints designed to be inserted into a backlit lightbox frame, or window, so that the poster lights up in vivid color.

$14.00/ sq ft

Minimum charge is 1 sq ft

Digital Retouching and Restoration

In-computer work such as retouching, manipulation, color correction, or restoration.  $150/ hr billed by the 1/4 hr.