Staring Man- Wallpaper

staring man on wall paper

Yellow Nine

yellow pop art image of the kiss


Recently, I’ve been pretty obsessed with text as art, and this series of works grew from that obsession. This series agrows from a few phrases that I associate with “gay,” and the text itself serves as the basis of the work. These images as digital, museum quality prints, in four sizes. Like other digital prints, […]

Self Portraits 2019

self portrait- back

Rainbow Stickers


Kiss: White on Black

A have a smal handfull of these prints that were made as part of a test. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship witjh white ink, and I need to make some Tshirts on black with white ink, so these were some tests to perfect my screen image. but the results are pretty great as they […]

January 1, 2019

22″ x 30″ digital print signed, dated, unframed $20.19

Pre-order New T-shirt

Untitled Self Portrait

Adult Coloring Series: GoldenBoy