Type: Letter

Author: Thomas

Date: USPS stamped date: Sep 27 1991

Artwork included: stickers, mail art documentation, mail art call for work, xerox, rubber stamps

September 27, 1991

Dear Jason,

I’m a bit sleepy tonight (I can imagine how tired you are) I had a hell of a time sleeping last night. I felt so good after talking to you. I still feel the glow inside.

Had a good day at work today. I have a few (3) BIG deadlines this week and I’m getting close to completing all three projects- but didn’t get too stressful today. Had good interactions with a researcher today who usually, I’d be pissed off at him for being an asshole. But I’m not acting angry or resentful and he isn’t being an asshole either.

I had planned to take the dog to the park and run and play this evening but it started to rain so we have been home all evening. I spent most of the evening on the phone with program people. Someone called me just to talk through their day and get current. Then I called someone who began abstinence period about when I did, just to say hi and see how she is and then someone I sponsor called me.

Enclosed is a couple of things.  Color print is a copy photo from Polaroid original. Work is not titled. The other was the mail art documentation that I sent out after the “what love is” exhibition. Documentation usually contains name/ addresses of all participants. I also tried to put in a mix of Art I received. I’m going to bed now I’ll write more later this week- looking forward to your letter -will be dreaming about you


Note: Above where it says “Color Print” I wrote: “This will have to wait until later this week”



  1. Laura Zurowski

    Tom, were you the one receiving hate mail and death threats in 1991? How horrible! Did you ever find out who was doing that? I hope it didn’t last long. 🙁

    • Yes, I was receiving hate mail and death threats. It was pretty terrifying, however, it was also transformative, and I came out of the experience a much stronger person than I was at the start of the ordeal. The FBI was investigating, and we thought they were coming close to finding the person(s) when the letters abruptly stopped, so eventually the investigation also stopped.

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