Type:  Postcard

Author: Thomas

Date: USPS stamp: Oct 2 1991, card dated 9/29

Artwork included: Postcard was a collaborative project with a friend Mark. I provided him with some photographs and he collaged them into this card.


Got your “Chicken Vienna Sausage” card today. It’s great. You’re pretty wonderful. I want to peel and stick but am not sure where to stick it too. Had a busy day got a call from Filmmakers about video grant- have to call them tomorrow- I’m feeling a bit scared- at least I’ll know tomorrow if I got it or not- Best Wishes. Tom

This card dates to just a few weeks after I met Jason. I know what you are thinking- you want to see the Chicken Vienna Sausage card! So do I!  I haven’t yet uncovered it, but I sure hope I have it. As I look at this card, I remember how excited I was to receive his card.And if you are wondering, yes, I got the video grant!

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