When I’m screen printing, I always print the first draft on this thick brown paper from HomeDepot. It is much thicker than Kraft paper, and then I keep it and reuse it over and over. When I change inks or make other changes, I place these sheets under my screen. This process of re-use, often leads to creating some new montage type images, sometimes with different images combined. They remind me of graffiti, where images can go up over another. These are sometimes ugly or mundane, and sometimes, really cool, and interesting on their own as prints.

Here are a few prints from two recent printing sessions. The images are sent to you in a tube, and are suitable for hanging as is, or framing. They are signed and dated, but they are not numbered/editioned.

The artwork measures about 12″ x 16″ give or take based on the overlapping of the images. You are free yo leave the edges rough as they are or trim these more neatly.

Prints are $25 and include free shipping within the US

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