So much of art sharing seems to be on-line these days, with sites like Instragram being a primary way to share artwork. And that’s all good and fine, but in this era of Covid-19 quarantine, it seems to me we have to shake things up a little!

Artist Made Postcard Offer

I will send you a hand-made art postcard, sent through the USPS and received in your mailbox! Something to look forward to instead of your mailbox holding nothing but bills and spam letters. The artwork will be a surprise, but I’m sure you will love it.

All artwork sent through the mail will be cards made specifically for ths project, and suitable for transit through the USPS. The artwork will be suitable for framing.

There are three options for this offer:

  • 1 postcard- sent out this week
  • 12 postcards, with one sent every week for the next 12 weeks
  • 12 postcards, one sent at the beginning of each month for the 12 months

The 1 card price is $5, and the the 12 card packages are discounted at $45. It is like getting three free cards!

Themed Card Sets

At this time, I’m launching the floral theme series. More theme series will follow, as well as a “grab bag” series. Watch this web page for more series in the future!

Which Offer

Covid-19 Special Pricing

floral post cards
Examples of floral themed postcards

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