Author: Thomas

Type: Homemade postcard

Date: USPS postmark September 19 1991


This postcard was made by chopping up a painting I had made on a piece of canvas board. I can’t paint worth shit, but I’ve always believed that the more I did it- and play with the paint, it would help me with the media where I think I have some talent. Oh, and I’m always drawn to using crayons. 🙂

The rubber stamp stuff was added at the time I made the postcard. There are two stamps used here, the triangle, which was one of my favorites and then up near the stamp, is “Art Saves Lives.” I was interested in having my rubber stamp appear as if it was part of the postal service’s postmark.

I’m sure the painting was crap, but I really like this card.

This card had to be very early in our relationship- a week or two after meeting? I’m surprised at how direct and succinct it is. “Write me more often.” I wanted so much to be connected to Jason and know everything about him, amd I wanted al of it immediately.

Write me more often






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