Author: Thomas

Date: USPS stamp Febuary 27, 1992

Artwork: Type R and Type C prints

Size: 6″ x 10″

In the old days before digital photography, therer were a few ways to print color photographs. If you had a color negative, you would make a Type C print; if you had a positive (known as a slide, or a chrome) you would make a Type R print or a Cibachrome print. The papers and chemistries differed.For printing a negative, the result was the opposite, and for a slide, the result was the same as the slide.

This card is one of the pieces I remember sending to Jason, quite clearly. The source material for it was a piece of film from NASA, that Jason sent to me. I still have it, because I remember seeing it about a year ago. I was looking through old negatives, and I stumbled across it, but today, I went looking for it, and couldn’t find it. I remember being intrigued and excited when I received it from him, so of course the thing to do was print it. So I did.

I don’t remember if the image is actually a view of Pittsburgh, although that seems to ring a bell in my stoddy memory. Maybe Jason remembers. But if it does, that would explain the sentiment added “Where I am.”

One way  I dealt with a long distance relationship, was to find ways to connect us. I made something from something he sent me, and I think Jason did the same. Maybe people do the same thing with close-by relationships, but the need for it doesn’t seem as urgent, because then, you can just reach out and touch them. Jason and I had to find ways to touch each other, even when the other person couldn’t “feel” the touch.


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