Author: Jason

Date Jan 27, 1992


This letter was with another single page letter which was dated. The folds align in such a way, I think they arrived in the same envelope. But, I’m saving the other to post on another day.

One of the things I loved about Jason was his attention to details and how he would se things that I would completely overlook or miss. I experienced him as “seeing” the world, much more than I, and I felt encouraged to look and see more too.

Thomas, I love you and thought you would appreciate this ad. This man was interviewed on the News, incognito, and he’s very serious. He was educated, it appeared, in his late 20’s early 30’s, and he felt this was truly the only alternative to his situation. Insanity!!!??? After I got done laughing, then feeling sad, I realized that I…(I love you)… I don’t have that sort of hopelessness, restriction, choicelessness in my life… Lucky and happy, Grateful and… (I also love you a lot)… Then I thought… People are fucking crazy!



P.S. the ad immediately above in “Naturopathic tongue reader”! What? and… also… I love you. Can’t wait for the hug and kiss. Let’s go on a date and “neck”, I think you’re cute.

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