Type: Postcard

Artwork: drawing, rubber stamp art

Paper: cardboard, 4″ x 6″

Author: Jason

Date: USPS postage date 6 May 1992

I loved receiving cards like this in the mail. I imagined how Jason was probably thinking of me the whole time he drew a card like this, and that sense of time and space allowed me to feel close to him. Certainly, as an artist, everything we make is not “Fine Art,” but even a simple drawing is an investment of time, energy and thoughtful purpose, giving the piece a value, such that to give it away so freely has meaning.

I was very active in the Mail Art community around this time, and I especially loved pieces like this, where all of the artwork was visible to everyone who touched the card as it moved through the postal service. Looking at these love letters, they really aren’t that explicit- they don’t scream “love letters,” and that prompts me to think about how much meaning we bring to something and attribute onto the object. What meaning did any postal employee who handled this capture from it?

Sketches like this also encouraged me to dream about living in New York with Jason. I would wonder, where this was made and when we would walk on this street together.



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