Type: Postcard

Artwork: collage/mixed media

Paper: recycled cardboard, 4.5″ x 6.5″

Author: Thomas

Date: unknown

“only a week to go”

I vividly remember making this card, and remember that I didn’t like it, with everything I added to the card. The base of it is a 4×5 black and white polaroid of an grade school picture of myself.

I was always feeling a little insecure art-wise as Jason and I sent things back and forth. To me, he was the real artist, although I don’t know how I saw mysaelf, if not “real.” Today, looking at this card, I see my hand in it, and my aesthetic in it. I also see it as an authentic effort to share who I was. That is a bit of a take-away, as I look through all of these letters; they are all such real and felt efforts on my part.

There is still a way the boy inside me is still seeking to be expresased artistically.


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