Last year, Americans lost a cornerstone of our judiciary. A woman supreme court justice who was a strong progressive, but who was also a brilliant judicial scholar and capable of working in a solid non-partisan way. This was especially hard, after Donald Trump had already filled two seats, RBG’s seat was a last hold on a more balanced court, or so it seemed at the time. to date, we aren’t really sure, how the new three conservative judges will impact the direction of the court, but it isn’t promising for progressive issues.

Justice Seek Justice

I first envisoned this screen print as a two-color print, with pink letters, but for a variety of reasons, it remains as a single color, black on white paper print. The moreI live with it, the simplicity of it seems to fit my initial intent, maybe better than the two color image would have.

The images is printed on 11 x 14 paper, and is signed and numbered under the image, suitable for framing.

All proceeds from the sale of this image are being donated to a local legal non-profit which is women-managed, and which fights for womens rights and against voting disparities.

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