Type: letter

Artwork: fortune cookie fortune on envelope

Author: Thomas

Date: USPS stamped date: 10/15/91

“Really enjoyed talking with you this morning and I’m looking forward to seeing you whenever that can be.I didn’t get to do much artwork today.My friends Brenda called soon after(no during) our conversationand then I called her back.Today was the Canadian equivalent to our Thanksgiving. She is Canadian.So, a few program people got together at her place and we sliced apples and baked actually 2 apple pies…

Brenda went with me to the film festival. My four or five closest friends, of which Brenda is one- all are straight. I was excited before the screening began as there were about 15-20 people there- not a good turnout, but good enough for me. When my video started, I wanted to run from the theater. But as it ended, I knew it had turned out good.So, the day turned out wonderfully, with it being lots of good good stuff. I feel like an artist again.

A friend of mine- Laura told me tonight that her brother Larry died last month of AIDS. I’m going to tape her next week or the week after.”

I pulled this letter out, and was so intrigued that I hadn’t used fresh paper to write on. I wonder, what was that all about?  I was really into recycling, but this was pretty drastic. Maybe it was about connecting the letters going back and forth, linking them in a way as a single lifeline between us. I concluded the letter “Best Wishes.” When di we start to say, “I love you” to each other? I suppose I’ll find out as I keep moving through these letters.

I’m struck as I read this one, how much effort was put in to explaining which friends are whom, and so on. There was such an effort to share the wholeof my life, and that makes me smile.





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