Type: postcard

Artwork: baseball ticket and stamp art

Paper: White card, 4.5″ x 7″, 2 sided

Author: Jason

Date: postal stamp of 18 May 1992

Pulled this card randomly out of the box, and how interesting that it documents the day Jason and I met, September 6, 1991

“Went to a ball game with my dad the day I met you… my heart is racing”

One of my favorite parts to this card is the lion stamp. We both used stamps heavily in the work we sent back and forth. They were, in a way, like emojis are today- an image packed full of feelings that are more potent than mere words could express.

Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdNw2NGHGwQ/?hl=en&taken-by=thomascwaters







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