Postcards to the White House

I had an idea to plaster the White House with postcards that are slightly irritating to the First Family. The idea isn’t to be too irate and angry. Just kinda shady, almost humorous, but definitely with a bit of shade.

So the “Melania Could Have Done Better” cards were born!

I ask only a few things:

  1. Send the cards, one a day, for six business days in a row. Please do not miss a day, but if you do, pick up the next day.
  2. Handwrite the White House address onto the card. I want them to look as if someone took the time to address and send the card.
  3. You must add the postage to the card.
  4. You may add a personal message, but please don’t be rude, illegal or otherwise get yourself into trouble. The cards are to be a bit shady, not rage filled (even if many of us are filled with rage). But no message is needed. The card itself is enough.
  5. If you wish to document sending them on social media, feel free to do so. Use the hashtag, #dumptrump2020 as you post on any social media.
  6. Invite others to participate by sending them to this web page.
  7. Donations are accepted but not required. These funds will cover the costs of making and sending the cards.
  8. I will include the White House address with your cards.

Please complete this form so I can send you your cards to mail.

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Please feel free to invite others to participate in this project, by directing them to this web page.

Please give to cover the coat of production.