The backstory: When I moved into my last studio, I made a series of self portraits that sat untouched for close to two years before I did anything with them. Still they served their purpose- they helped me own the new space as my own, and set the stage to be able to allow myself to be creative in the space.

Over the time since then (although maybe always? ) I have struggled with finding my voice- what am I trying to say in my work at tis point in my life.

Now, I’m in a new studio, and as I thought about moving into a new year, I wanted to take what I had been working on and build on it. So the plan was launched to do a self portrait, every day for the month of January 2019. To start with using the methods and techniques I’ve been using but allow them to grow and evolve and see where it takes me.

The plan is to make a new image every day. I am thinking they will all be 22″ x 30″ and most will be mixed-media. But who knows, we will see if that is how this progresses.

Each image will be for sale for $20.19 each. Some may be oner of a kind. Some may be limited edition series. Some will be an unlimited edition. All will be sold, signed, dated, and unframed.

Each day, I’ll post the image below in a list. On the image post, will be a “purchase” button. the image and link will be posted to Instagram and Facebook. Each day’s post will welcome comments. Here’s to the next month’s work!