This is not a new image, but one I realized had never been added to my site.

21″ x 27″ digital print directly on wallpaper. 2017

These works grew out of an experimentation. The wallpaper goes through my printer, but because the paper isn’t very absorbing, the ink sits on the surface and take a long time to dry. It produces an almost-painterly like quality, and no two prints look exactly alike because of this interaction of ink to the surface. In places, the ink remains sharp and photo realistic, and in other places, it runs or otherwise changes shapes. These distortions and unique qualities which grow from the medium itself are so interesting to me.

Throughout my career of making artwork, I’ve been intrigued by the interaction between the art and the environment where it is placed, including the wall surface. I’ve also been drawn to creating work on unconventional, recycled or unexpected surfaces. These works on wallpaper fit within all those interests.

These works look lovely on a black matte background in a shadow box frame.

$400 unframed, signed on the back, shipped in a tube.

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