The “Say it Gay” series grew from my obsession with memes and things gay men say now or in the past. Some of it grew from my interest to explore pejorative sayings, like “no homo,” or other phrases which are less pejorative and more mainstream within the gay culture, like “gurl.”

However, too often memes focus attention on an iconic image, and I wanted the text itself to be centered in this work, so the pieces are more pop-art inspired where the text is the artwork itself.

Produced prints come in four sizes and are reproduced as museum quality Giclee prints, suitable for framing. Prints are siged, on the back or in the margin

Set 1

Print and paper sizes

Image SizePaper size
8″ x 8″8.5 “x 11”
11.5″ x 11.5″12″ x 12″
18″ x 18″20″ x 20″
24″ x 24″full bleed/no margin
image name

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